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How effective content marketing can be used as a powerful tool to grow your business

Posted by Annie Shearer on 28/01/2019 6:03:53 PM

They say ‘content is king’: and with businesses who effectively use content reporting 4-10 x higher lead rate and 20% increase in sales-ready leads, it’s easy to understand why content marketing has been granted such a regal title. But it’s time-consuming to produce, and a lot of businesses are spending a lot of time producing content that does not lead to a revenue outcome.

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5-Reasons "Why Hubspot"

Posted by Annie Shearer on 25/09/2018 7:49:20 PM


In today's world where competition is rife and customers expect more from brands than they've ever done, businesses need as much help as they can to drive excellence throughout the customer experience (CX).

From the first touchpoint through to 'delighting' customers with their product experience, and beyond, the customer experience should be frictionless, considered and pre-empt needs before they're even expressed.

Moreover, the digital revolution means that CEO's expect their marketing departments to be more accountable than they've ever been; a marketing department can't be a colouring-in department. It's got to be a strategic wing that delivers qualified leads to the sales department. 

Tracking ROI is critical.

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