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COVID-19 & Kiwi business: 6-predictions for change and 6-ways your business can fight back

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Posted by Annie Shearer on 16/03/2020 6:27:45 PM
Annie Shearer

Corona Virus / COVID-19 Business PlanningWhile the ramifications of COVID-19 may feel somewhat overwhelming, we think the future just arrived that bit faster. Early adopter trends toward video conferencing, empowering customers through self-service and 'touchless' reps will become the norm. And this is exactly what your competitors will be working on implementing if they've got their finger on the pulse.

It's really easy to get caught up in the hype and get stuck in 'worry mode' which can lead to inaction. To inspire action rather than fear, here are our 6-predictions for the near future and what to execute first to meet change: 

1. Face-to-face interaction is going to dwindle and it's going to be crucial for companies to have an online presence to be able to build and maintain relationships with their customers, prospects and leads.

Always a key tool in your Sales arsenal, your website just got 10x more important than it was. And so did all your other digital assets. 

Identify what parts of your current customer journey can be digitised, automated, or moved to a self-service model online. Your customers will thank you for improving their customer experience. Not just now, but in the future. Use this as an opportunity to grow your digital capability. Review your FAQ sections on your website, identify any high-volume questions that come through to your team and get the questions themselves and helpful responses online: make yours the easiest company to work with. And the most 'delightful'. 

2. "Outside" Sales Reps are going to turn into "Inside” Sales Reps. At least for some time.
If you’ve been dabbling with digital communication tools like video conferencing, now’s the time to lean into tech that will enable your team to effectively build relationships without being face-to-face. It’ll protect your staff, customers, family, and your profit.

It’ll be hard. Change is hard. But we are not trees. And now is the time to move.

Video conferencing = look at Zoom. Hands-down the best from my perspective.

Video recording your screen to loop your team into presentations, walkthroughs, something that's got you stumped? = Vidyard is excellent.

3. Data privacy will become even more important.

As businesses ask students, patients, and customers to share private information across digital platforms, they’ll face even more pressure to keep that data secure. Invest in a CRM that’s wold-class and switch on 2-factor authentication. Keep any kind of personally identifiable information i.e. drivers license details, passport information? You need to move to secure your data, fast.

CRM = We use and highly recommend HubSpot CRM. Happy to share my experiences with you.

Data security = have a chat to Brent at Network Service Providers to get an understanding of any risks. 

4. Your conference and event budget will need to change. Revisit your budget.

If Conferences/Events have been your only or main source of leads, if billboards or central city flyering have formed a part of your marketing spend, it's time to review your budget.

Now’s the time to develop and execute on an outcome-focused lead generation strategy. Taking a digital lead generation strategy to market can be done quickly. And you'll need to move quickly.

Here's 30-tips, tricks and ideas to support your digital lead generation campaign.

Ready to get started now? Have a chat to Soazik at RECIPE marketing to get an understanding of where to start with lead generation. 

5. Foot traffic on the high street will slow. You need to move from retail-only to e-tail if you haven't yet.

Brick and mortar stores will struggle. If you don’t have an e-commerce presence, now’s the time to start selling online. Getting the right solution is important. Don’t get caught up in features when you look at platforms. Write a list of necessities, prioritise usability, and test drive before you commit. It’s worth investing money in consultancy up front to find the right e-solution. It will save you time later.

6. Your staff will begin to ask about remote working (if they haven't already). Remote working will enable your workers to cut out the commute, spend more time with their families, and can lead to greater productivity. Embrace it.

Start the day with a digital team huddle = Zoom for the win again. Have a quick chat to the team about what's an appropriate background (e.g. not couch, not man cave). 

Manage that project and get clear about who is doing what, when, and how with a project management tool = highly recommend Teamwork. Creates gantt charts automatically and clearly shows project dependencies & milestones to bring the team onto the same page.

Some final advice from Mike Weinberg, legendary Sales consultant:

>"Stop now and make a list of three ways you will choose focus over fear, goal-achieving over tension-relieving activity, or how you’ll adapt your messaging and your approach to maximize your results during this challenging season." --- Mike Weinberg, mikeweinberg.com

Comments, thoughts, ideas? I'd love to hear how your business is planning on managing Corona Virus; email me at: annie@recipemarketing.co.nz.

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