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COVID-19 & Kiwi business: 6-predictions for change and 6-ways your business can fight back

Posted by Annie Shearer on 16/03/2020 6:27:45 PM

While the ramifications of COVID-19 may feel somewhat overwhelming, we think the future just arrived that bit faster. Early adopter trends toward video conferencing, empowering customers through self-service and 'touchless' reps will become the norm. And this is exactly what your competitors will be working on implementing if they've got their finger on the pulse.

It's really easy to get caught up in the hype and get stuck in 'worry mode' which can lead to inaction. To inspire action rather than fear, here are our 6-predictions for the near future and what to execute first to meet change: 

1. Face-to-face interaction is going to dwindle and it's going to be crucial for companies to have an online presence to be able to build and maintain relationships with their customers, prospects and leads.

Always a key tool in your Sales arsenal, your website just got 10x more important than it was. And so did all your other digital assets. 

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HubSpot Hacks; 5 Quick Wins you can implement now to drive ROI in HubSpot

Posted by Annie Shearer on 12/11/2019 12:24:03 PM

Feel like you're not seeing a return on your investment in HubSpot? Or unsure where to start? Here are 5 quick and easy wins that'll save your team time, focus your energy on best practice lead generation, and get intel on the competition.

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What is lead generation and how does it work?

Posted by Annie Shearer on 25/03/2019 5:47:40 PM

Let's start by answering the question "what is a lead"?

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11 Landing page best practices that will improve your landing page conversion rate now

Posted by Annie Shearer on 12/02/2019 12:25:42 PM
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How to get your business page verified on Facebook

Posted by Annie Shearer on 9/11/2018 3:36:27 PM

What are the benefits of having a Facebook blue or grey badge? Is it worth it?

In one word? Yes! 

  • Verified pages rank higher on Facebook’s Graph Search and on Google Search results.
  • Customers are able to confirm they're connecting directly with the business(so it's particularly important if you've got a Facebook shop, or if you use Facebook advertising call-to-actions like 'book now', 'send message'. ).

Here are the steps to verifying your Facebook page.

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5-Reasons "Why Hubspot"

Posted by Annie Shearer on 25/09/2018 7:49:20 PM


In today's world where competition is rife and customers expect more from brands than they've ever done, businesses need as much help as they can to drive excellence throughout the customer experience (CX).

From the first touchpoint through to 'delighting' customers with their product experience, and beyond, the customer experience should be frictionless, considered and pre-empt needs before they're even expressed.

Moreover, the digital revolution means that CEO's expect their marketing departments to be more accountable than they've ever been; a marketing department can't be a colouring-in department. It's got to be a strategic wing that delivers qualified leads to the sales department. 

Tracking ROI is critical.

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