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Google Analytics's GA4 Update and Your Hubspot Data

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Posted by Bruna Keller on 27/04/2023 1:09:31 PM
Bruna Keller
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Tech giant Google’s GA4 rollout is the most significant update to its popular website data recording platform, “Google Analytics” in over a decade. And when the Titan search platform shifts the way it collects and presents data, we’ve got to move with them to protect your business. 

“What is GA4?”

GA4 is replacing the current GA3 version of Google Analytics. GA4 comes with improved reporting capabilities, leveraging AI and machine learning to provide more detailed insights to businesses. 

Why are we talking about Google Analytics when we use Hubspot for reporting?
Yep! HubSpot gives you all the data you need in the primary platform you live and breathe, with much less work than it is to create reporting in Google Analytics.

But, we need to see around a few corners here. 

Google Analytics is the most widely-used data reporting source for web developers, Google Ads, SEM and SEO specialist agencies to design, create and optimise campaigns. 

  • Ensuring you have Google Analytics set up correctly means these agencies can work in the tool they’re most comfortable with and that you’re not “paying” for an agency to learn how to create the reports they need in HubSpot if they’re not familiar with your CRM.

  • Giving media partners access to Google Analytics rather than HubSpot also prevents unnecessary external access to the contact, deal and revenue information you store in your CRM. 

Hang on, does my web developer see my Hubspot assets in Google Analytics? Can they use this information to inform web updates & campaigns? 

Yes! They do now. An integration is set up between your HubSpot and Google Analytics platforms. 

What will happen if I don't migrate to GA4? 

GA3 will stop working in July 2023: you won’t be able to access any of your historical data in Google Analytics (nor will your web developer).

Ensuring you have GA4 set up correctly is protecting your future marketing effort.

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