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Marketing Automation: A Glossary

Posted by Annie Shearer on 27/08/2018 11:48:57 PM
Annie Shearer


A plain-speaking, helpful glossary to support your Marketing Automation journey. 

Campaign management – The process of creating, executing, and measuring marketing programs directed at specific audience segments

Demand generation – The act of using marketing to create interest or demand in a company’s products or services

Email marketing – The use of email communication to increase awareness, generate leads, and build relationships with prospective and existing customers

Landing page optimisation – The process of obtaining the greatest number of conversions from a landing page by continuously testing and revising various landing page elements

Lead database – A system used to collect information on a company’s leads such as demographic, BANT, and behavioural data

Lead management – The process of generating revenue from leads by collecting, qualifying, and interacting with individuals and/ or organisations in relevant ways throughout the buying process

Lead scoring – The process of determining the sales readiness of leads using a pre-determined scoring methodology and ranking them accordingly

Marketing asset – A piece of marketing content (e.g. guide, white papers, videos, newsletters, webinars, landing page, etc.) used to educate and generate interest for a company’s products of services

Marketing automation – The use of technology to manage and automate the process of converting prospective customers into actual buyers

Revenue cycle – A new way of looking at the traditional sales cycle, the revenue cycle starts from the day the organisation first meets a prospect and continues through the sale and beyond to the customer relationship

Trigger – An event based on a change or update in status, demographic information, or user behaviour that causes a lead to proceed along a specific workflow branch or new path

Website monitoring – The ability to monitor page visits, click throughs, form submissions, and other online activities from either known or anonymous visitors

Workflow – A pre-determined path of interactions for individuals to experience based on their profile, demographic, and/or behavioural data with the goal of nurturing and building relationships

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