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RECIPE marketing listed in top 9 agencies in NZ for Email Marketing

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Posted by Annie Shearer on 21/06/2021 11:35:27 PM
Annie Shearer

Auckland, New Zealand – Today, Auckland-based consultancy​ ​RECIPE marketing announced it has been named one of the 9 top consultancies for email marketing strategy in New Zealand. 

  • What does that mean? 

Independent reviews site Top Reviews has named RECIPE marketing as one of the top 9 providers of email marketing services in New Zealand. 

The team at Top Reviews pride themselves on saving readers time to allow them to focus more on the things they love to do, providing the best, most in-depth buying guides imaginable, and constantly adjusting to keep getting better.

This recognition is in line with RECIPE marketing's focus to help businesses spend more time on focusing on the things they add value to, and creating automation workflows that help customers find the information they need when they need it. 

Top Reviews highlighted RECIPE marketing's contribution to customers in the following areas: 

  • Empowers companies to be independent
  • Encourages sustainable and profitable growth
  • Uses automated and targeted sales marketing
  • Customer-centric model

Why go RECIPE marketing?

  • you want to in-house HubSpot rather than outsource it
  • you want to learn rather than to leave it to an agency 
  • you want your team to adopt best practice rather than be fearful of what might happen if they use it. 

Like to talk about your HubSpot instance, or onboarding to HubSpot? Connect with Soazik Shearer.

About RECIPE marketing

RECIPE marketing is an NZ-based growth consultancy with customers across APAC, North America and Europe. They consult, coach, and empower businesses to implement CRM tools and a growth stack that supports marketing, sales and customer service automation to drive customer-centric growth outcomes.


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